CV Actor

Levi is an actor (film, television and theatre) and voice talent. Having grown up bilingually, he can perform not “only” in German but also as an English native speaker, in international films.

Year of birth1978
Country of birthNew Zealand
HairDark blond
Height1.93 m
Clothes size98
Place of residenceGermany
LanguagesGerman and English, basic knowledge of Russian and Spanish
Special featuresArtistic, acrobatics, juggling, walking on stilts, rock climbing
Driving licenceCar


1997University entrance qualification
1999-2002Acting studies at Theaterakademie Stuttgart / Germany
LanguagesEnglish and German (bilingual)
VoiceBass; warm, friendly, masculine, versatile
UseCorporate & commercial, e-learning, documentary, audiobook, radio play, dubbing, telephone, games


20144 clips for Bosch iDOS protagonistMarc LutzSchokolade Filmproduktion
2014Commercial TV Knorr
fatherYann SecouetSpotnik
2013Presentation BMW i3, 4 clips
ProtagonistJan Litzinger tvt creative media
2011„Schuld sind immer die Anderen“ (movie)MikeLars-Gunnar LotzFFL and SWR (invited to film festival Max Ophuels Preis)


2014Live Voice Over with choreography for anniversary celebration 40 years partnership Daimler and Kuwait Investment Authority
2014Coaching with Jonathan Tilley
2011 „Paul“ in cartoon „hier und weg“
2010„Shamhold / Hedswin“ in cartoon „Little Knight Trenk“ PPA Film München
2010Audiobook training with Christian Rode
Coaching dubbing with Karin Lehmann und Bernhard Völger
2009Audiobook „Women in Science“, Krane & Rabe